Project Background

• Dikhu Hydro Electric Project is situated on Dikhu river  of Nagaland.

• The project is part of 50,000 MW electric initiative undertaken by Government of India under aegis of Ministry of Power.

• This project is envisaged as a storage scheme with a moderate sized reservoir to absorb excess water in the reservoir during the monsoon and to    utilise the inflow of the river and the live storage for peaking during the lean season.

• It envisages gravity dam downstream of the confluence of Yangnyu with Dikhu River

• The Dam site is located at Longitude of 94 0 47’00”E and Latitude of 26 0 39’34”N in Longleng, Mon and Mokokchung districts of Nagaland.

• The 186 MW power from the Dikhu HEP is proposed to be evacuated through 220KV double circuit lines,which in turn connected to National Grid.

• CWC has prepared DPR for multipurpose Project having 120 MW Power and irrigation for about 36,000 Hectars.

• NEEPCO has prepared PFR for standalone Power Project 140 MW for the same location.